It’s all quiet up in here.

Posted on January 27, 2011 by Leslie | 8,324 Comments

So it’s been like a week since anyone posted anything and I just wanted to let everyone know that we’re still alive and still working on this. We’re just kind of busy with the closing of the store and all the snowstorms and such.

So a real quick rundown:


If you exist:
Seriously, this movie is excellent and I haven’t talked to anyone who saw it who didn’t think it was incredibly enjoyable.

If you’re a Beatles fan:
Nowhere Boy
It’s a pretty interesting look at the early life of John Lennon.

If you, like me, totally love movies that are so bad they’re good:
Season of the Witch
This movie had very few actual redeeming qualities except that it was so much fun to make fun of. Imagine taking a buddy cop movie starring Nic Cage and Hellboy and setting it in the 1300s and not changing any of the dialogue. It’s pretty much that.

Don’t see
This movie wasn’t horrible it just wasn’t really all that good but definitely not bad enough to make it good again.

So this is the bad-good spectrum:

This is the bad-good spectrum with the movies from this post inserted into it.

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8,324 Responses to “It’s all quiet up in here.”

  1. Justin Says:


    Greetings from J-Town! I love the rating scale! I definitely agree that there are many shades of “bad” and not all of them are BAD (i.e. reference Machette)

    I really like the sight and will bookmark it so that I can reference it often.

    Thanks for the effort,