Zack Snyder’s Feminist Street Fight With Geeks, Gamers, and Nerds.

April 2nd, 2011

Sucker Punch: is a common street fighting technique. Experts may feign fear or friendliness to put their opponent off guard or approach him from the side or rear to deliver a surprise blow.

That is exactly what Snyder threw when he made this film, even with the MPAA and Warner Brothers getting in the way, and I can’t wait till we can see his unfiltered directors cut see light of day on DVD/Bluray. Anyway, Snyder has thrown out all normal and even most abnormal narrative structures in a genius (and perhaps misguided?) attempt to turn the the mirror upon the male members of the genre community, specifically the group comprised of Geeks, Gamers, and Nerds. What we end up with is a three tiered structure that thrives in it’s obscurity, and revels in it’s disorientating effect to hide it’s real purpose but which utterly fails as a general audience movie overall because of it. Perhaps if it had been a small budget Avant-garde independent film, or a series of short films, instead of a deep and deeply troubled story in a pop genre action wrapper.

Though many will get lost in it’s intertwined levels of harsh reality, coping illusion, and pure flights of fantasy. More will be confused by the lack of the traditional narrative. Even more will think it’s chauvinist and sexist because the fail to grasp the irony in the girls overtly sexual image. I must insist that people see this movie and keep an open mind. Don’t be quick to snap judgment, try and forgive the film for it’s flaws. If you can’t see the deeper messages and social commentary, you can still enjoy one hell of a good looking movie.

Snyder brings his unique and beautiful visual style into this movie full stream, presenting one of the best visual experiences of the modern era. At least in this reviewers not so humble opinion. His use of colors, or the lack there of, lighting, variable film speed, and unique shot composition, all blend together into an almost living graphic novel.

And, if for nothing else, we should support this film to show Hollywood that we want and are willing to see movies which are new, original, and different. Above and beyond the typical lineup of of sequels, remakes, and cookie cutter flotsam.