Marvel does it again?

Posted on May 6, 2011 by TheRealTWolf3 | 8,332 Comments

Short answer is… YES!

Once again Marvel rolls out a summer comic sensation. Of all the recant titles being cranked out by Marvel, Thor was the one I was most hesitant about. How were they going to adapt the norse god into a universe so grounded into reality. Well, not only did they, but they did so in the best way possible. Preserving the element of Magic by blending magic and science, they have gone on to expand the potential for the entire marvel world with a whole new angle.

OK, Marvel fanboy gush over, time to focus on the meat and potatoes of the film itself. Visually it has a whole new look compared to the other marvel films. Brought to it by Kenneth Branagh, who previously was known mostly for his drama work such as ’96s Hamlet, his first real outing into the action comic genera shows much potential. I was suppressed at the heavy use of dutch angles, myself.

The film’s leads are split with me. Chris Hemsworth, hot on the heels of playing James T. Kirk’s father in the 2009 Star Trek Reboot, is simply Thor. Every moment that he is on the screen that is what/who he is. He so owns the character that you can’t even think of someone else playing him.

However, the female lead, played by Natalie Portman, was a little overshadowed. She suffers of late from playing Portman, rather than playing a character. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t bad. I just felt that she didn’t bring the character so much as herself, to the role.

I have to say all of the supporting actors were great from the secondary characters to the background people, what we get. Clark Gregg is always enjoyable as S.H.I.E.L.D. Senior Agent Coulson. Kat Dennings totally owned the part of the nerdy sidekick. Anthony Hopkins was awesome as Odin… But really, is Anthony Hopkins ever not awesome?

All in all, a highly enjoyable film I recommend going to see. Avoid the 3D showings. This is a conversion film (not shot natively in 3D), and it brings nothing to the table. It’s an added price for little to no benefit, stick with 2D on this one.

Other than that I can only say that it further enhances my love for the Marvel world of films and raises hope for their next project, Captain America: The first Avenger.

I leave you with the Thor Trailer.

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