The Staff

January 7th, 2011

I would like to introduce two members of the staff, Both of whom are also senior reviewers, and fellow refugees from the Former Butler NJ Blockbuster.

First up is Bob.  On top of his movie and TV reviews, he is also our resident expert on Video Games. He will also be posting the occasional retail mega-deal so keep an eye out for those.  More often than not, Bob will function as the primary counter to my own reviews. We rarely agree with our positions on movies, even when we agree a movie is good. lol

Second up is Leslie. She will be providing her own unique spin on the reviews as well as a planed “dinner and a movie” segment where she will combine her culinary skills with her love of movies and TV.

1/9/11 Update: Announcing another member of the staff, Mike. He will be adding his voice to the site as an associate reviewer. Though not as well versed in movies as myself, he is always working on expanding his knowledge base. This also means that he will be approaching many classic movies from a “new viewer” perspective and not that of someone who has seen them many times over. This fresh take on things makes him a valuable asset to the site.  Mike is also a skilled artist, so that should give him some unique perspectives on things.

All introduced staff should be along soon to introduce themselves. I know I can’t wait to see what they have to say. Also, in the coming days their may be a few more staff announcements as well.

1/29/11 Update: Been a little busy of late but this should be the last staff introduction update for a while.

Already self introduced above is Katie, she joins the staff as the resident horror film fan.  Also added to the staff are L Bird, who may not be as active as the rest of us. He’s sort of our Jay Sherman (The Critic) in that he rarely likes anything, and when he does few agree with him. 😉 Last but not least is T-Diddy, who with Leslie developed the “good, bad, bad-good” scale for movies.


January 4th, 2011

Welcome to Movie Review Den, where we watch everything so you don’t have to.

It is our goal to make this your one stop shop for recommendations on Movies and TV shows. Our staff of reviewers are die hard fans of entertainment media and love to share their opinions with anyone willing to listen, so why not harness that talent to make your lives just a little bit easier. Consider us your spam filter, saving you from the let down of a bad movie night. We are an eclectic bunch, with differing views. One of the features you will find in the future is the counterpoint review. We understand that enjoyment of Movies, TV shows, and other entertainment is all about opinion, when our staff disagrees on a movie we will provide both sides arguments for you to view, and decide for yourself. As time passes, and you get a better feel for the individual reviewers and how their opinions line up with yours this tool will become less necessary. However, I’m sure some enjoyment will come from the ensuing arguments themselves.

In any case, I look forward to the future of this site.

Ted – Senior Reviewer and Founder.